• "[Bill] enhanced the historical charm of our neighborhood considerably.... it was refreshing to see a man with his compassion and intensity trying to make College Terrace a better place. He went above and beyond the call of duty to make certain the entire neighborhood approved of his every move... houses like this are few and far between."

    Sarah Jane Hainstock

  • "Bill Hurt has established himself as a quality builder with sensitivity to the architectural context of the neighborhoods in which he builds his homes.... city staff should crack down hard on developers bent on churning out endless repetitions of designs which were ugly to begin with, and certainly don't improve with sloppy execution. On the other hand, when a developer like Mr. Hurt produces an attractive design... he deservers the full cooperation of the staff... the builders who build a better product are the ones Palo Alto residents want to see succeed."

    James Culpepper - Zoning Administrator, City of Palo Alto

  • "...the project was successful, our experience with Mr. Hurt was a positive and rewarding one, and we are living in a beautiful, Palo Alto home.
    We still recall our first meeting with Mr. Hurt, while visiting a house he had just completed building. What we noticed the most was the quality of workmanship, and how proud Mr. Hurt was of his work. He also impressed us by detailed knowledge of the project, which led us to believe that he was a "hands-on" builder. Soon after this first encounter we made the decision to ask Mr. Hurt to build a home for us. He explained to us the various phases of the project, and what we should expect to be our involvement in it.
    Our next step was to buy a lot, which we did with the help of Mr. Hurt, who by then became Bill to us. There after, Bill gave us his estimate for both the construction time and the itemized construction costs. By the way, these estimates, upon completion of the project, were found to be mostly correct.....
    Bill made himself available to us almost on demand, and vise-versa, including during the weekends. He was frequently present at the construction site, where at times during the project, we met almost daily. He kept us abreast of all aspects of the construction, including changes made to the original plan, updates on progress and informing us about what would be done next. We met regularly, or whenever necessary, to go over the budget and timetable....
    Nothing escaped Bill's attention, and the quality of workmanship was rarely or never compromised... Bill is a talented builder with an eye of an artist... Bill proved to be impeccably honest with the management of our money....
    We consider ourselves lucky to have found Bill. He build our "dream" home. Our experience was plenty rewarding, we got along well with Bill, and made a friend."

    Luiz & Laura Belardinelli